• Little   30/05/10

    i am the NO.6.so enjoy the wonderful music.thanks for sharing.


    6 is a good number.
  • Wing   29/05/10

    Dear Shio-Yu, thanks for recommending Ko's cool Web site.

    Hello Leon, beautiful music from your jukebox fills up this lazy afternoon in New York before the long weekend. Look forward to your next performance in New York.



    Thank you Wing. I hope this finds you well in NY. I was a little late launching this website, otherwise I would have told you about one of my musicals HEADING EAST in concert. Oh well, if it happens again, I will be sure to let you know!
  • 美琪   29/05/10

    這裡感覺好特別﹐ 謝謝高先生把你精彩的創作和我們分享。


    This is the first time I share my private corner with everyone. Feeling not bad so far. Thanks for dropping by.
  • Tong   28/05/10

    Happy to be No. 3! Your jukebox make me refreshed on my work. Thanks for sharing.


    Very glad to hear that. Enjoy!
  • 鄧小宇   28/05/10

    Too bad I can only be No. 2.  Thank you for sharing your music with us.  Love "April Moon" in jukebox!


    According to some math equations, 2 equals 1. If there isn't one, there is now! Thank you for gracing my guest book with your presence. And I am glad APRIL MOON didn't disappoint.
  • allen   28/05/10

    i'll be the no. 1 and i always be the no. 1 one guest in website openings, have fun! i love the songs in the jukebox, just love that!


    You are indeed no. 1! Where would this stage be without you?!
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