• Tong   28/05/10

    Happy to be No. 3! Your jukebox make me refreshed on my work. Thanks for sharing.


    Very glad to hear that. Enjoy!
  • 鄧小宇   28/05/10

    Too bad I can only be No. 2.  Thank you for sharing your music with us.  Love "April Moon" in jukebox!


    According to some math equations, 2 equals 1. If there isn't one, there is now! Thank you for gracing my guest book with your presence. And I am glad APRIL MOON didn't disappoint.
  • allen   28/05/10

    i'll be the no. 1 and i always be the no. 1 one guest in website openings, have fun! i love the songs in the jukebox, just love that!


    You are indeed no. 1! Where would this stage be without you?!
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