• black joe   08/06/10

    hahahaha, nah! i was listening to your song "where to" the other day while the first choice's playing neil diamond's "the jazz singer" (yes, jazz singer on first choice. what year it is?). sound of their singings just mixup like my campbell alphabets soup on the table. i love neil diamond and Brian. they're the boss, love on the rocks.....ain't no big surprise....!


    All I have to say is that Brian was a breeze to work with. Such a gentleman. Would have loved to work with Neil Diamond... Where are you from, black joe?
  • alice   07/06/10

    "jing choi !" ..... "jing choi !"
    this website & songs are no.1


    Yay! Now I feel like a champion!
  • belle   07/06/10

    難怪在片段中介紹 Fly, Fly, Fly 是高先生在香港敲門的歌曲﹐原來那是你在香港第一個參與的劇作。


  • Little   04/06/10



    His name is 何承臻 and I think he was 7 when he sang this. He must be over 10 now.
  • Little   04/06/10



    Then you should definitely come to my exhibition. I have been collecting vintage perfume bottles for 15 years. I don't collect for the perfume but for the bottles themselves. They are extremely artistic and highly imaginative, although very few people know about them. I hope Hong Kong people can appreciate them. There is no need to buy tickets. Please come to the oval atrium at the ifc mall between June 10 - 15, 10am-10pm. It's free.
  • belle   03/06/10

    看見下面有位叫“LITTLE”的朋友說“公仔長得好像高先生”﹐ 這句說話把我樂上半天和控制不住的笑出來﹐ 辦公室裡面的同事都摸不著頭腦我在笑什麼。謝謝LEON高先生﹐ 謝謝LITTLE你們帶給我一個輕鬆愉快的早上。說實在﹐公仔確實好像高先生﹐是不是高先生自己的掃描﹖


    Haha, I didn't think too much about it. I didn't draw it, but I guess it is supposed to be me!
  • belle   03/06/10

    高先生可以介紹些“咖喱盤菜”裡面的歌曲給我們嗎﹖ 對其他幾套歌舞/舞台劇都有點認識﹐唯獨“咖喱盤菜”比較陌生。謝謝﹗


    咖喱盤菜 was actually a play. This was the first theatre production I worked on in Hong Kong, and it was with 中英 Theatre. The story is about this restaurant in 錦田 in which the owner is local Chinese, his son studies in English and is very British, the waiters are Nepalese and the musicians the owner hires are Filipino. It's about the clash of culture in Hong Kong, all seen through the microcosm of this struggling restaurant. Most of the songs in the show were pre-existing songs, except for FLY, FLY, FLY, which I wrote both music and lyrics. It was sung by the whole cast to celebrate New Year (or a birthday, I forgot which) at the end of the show.
  • black joe   02/06/10

    believe it or not, every time i hear the vocal of Brian d'Arcy James, i think of neil diamond. 


    Do you really? Is that a compliment :)?
  • kayo   02/06/10

    I'm hoping that this web site is going to be a good entrance to getting to know you and your songs.
    I like all the songs you bring it to this world.
    My personal best three are 1:Fly Fly Fly  2:仰望明天 3:月巴女且
    Let's do Leon's concert! I look forward to seeing you singing and tap dancing,too!!


    Thank you Kayo, for always being a champion to my music.
  • Carol   01/06/10

    可以在此聽到高先生一直以來的創作及一些演出片段,我很享受能透過此平台,重溫這些優美的旋律呢!期待你把“Heading East” 及“Please Don't Eat The Daisies” 搬上香港的舞台,亦期待你過往的音樂劇有機會重演。


    Thanks for your message. We will be re-running 一屋寶貝 in September. Hope you come to see it.
  • candice   01/06/10

    我也很喜歡四季天這首歌﹐ 還有水晶水晶﹐ 一屋寶貝﹐ 反正所有歌曲的旋律都好動聽。


    You made my day! Thanks....
  • korn   31/05/10

    thanks leon. the more i understand about it, the more i love it. will you consider to bring the musical (of course including heading east)to hong kong and / or even china in the near future? 


    I thought about bringing Heading East to Hong Kong years ago but I was sidetracked by other productions in Hong Kong. Reworking on Heading East this year renews my passion on it and I think I will ask around and see if any theatre organization is interested in mounting it. I think it will have to be done in English though...
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